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Verbeq company
  • More than 70% of mattress companies in Russia and the CIS cooperate with the Verbeq consortium.

  • 4 European production lines for the production of nonwovens 20,000 tons per year - the total production of finished fillers.
  • 5 technologies for the production of quality materials.
  • 5 certificates confirming the high level of product safety.
  • More than 25 points of sale of Verbeq products.

Verbeq is the largest German-Russian manufacturing consortium in Europe for the production of mattress fillers. The company specializes in the production of Cocos, Latex, Hollcon and Bi-Cocos materials with a production volume of 20,000 tons per year.  

Verbeq quality means certificates and technologies that confirm the high level of production of mattress fillers.

Reliability Verbeq is a partnership with the leaders of the sleep products market, who trust our company with the quality of their products.

Verbeq support is a promotional tool that effectively complements a client's marketing mix.

Verbeq's innovativeness is the release of the latest nonwovens, developed with the latest research and the unbiased opinion of mattress manufacturers.

Verbeq's goal is to increase your sales, optimize your costs and increase your profits.

The mission of the company is to provide the main fillers for mattresses to manufacturers of sleep products. 

Solutions offered by Verbeq: 

  • High-quality fillers produced using modern technologies for the production of nonwovens;
  • Timely provision of basic fillers for mattresses and mattress components;
  • Development of exclusive materials;
  • Assisting in the promotion of the client's products through a number of marketing tools.


The Verbeq marketing complex includes the following set of tools: 

  • Training videos and mini-catalogs for company sellers;
  • Verbeq filler complex for demonstration at retail point of sale;
  • Placing information about the company on Verbeq Internet resources;
  • Conducting training conferences and excursions at the enterprise.