Presentation of
Verbeq company

1991The beginning of the history of the Verbeq consortium - the creation of the company "Nafta-Khim". At first, the organization was engaged in the import of nonwovens aimed at the market of upholstered furniture and mattresses. The idea of ??the company was to provide manufacturers with quality fillers and convenient service.

2003The newest PU foam production line was built and launched. Due to the variety of PPU brands, the nonwoven material "Nafta-Foam" has provided manufacturers with ready-made solutions for filling mattresses and accessories for them.

2008The production line for the production of Hollcon nonwovens is installed. The project was developed by German technologists taking into account the interests of Russian mattress manufacturers. The first product from the Hollcon filler line was the SL brand material, which became the key to high-quality and high-volume mattress stitching.

2009The Cocos material production line was put into operation. To date, Verbeq is the only manufacturer of latex coconut mats in the Russian Federation.

2010A production complex for the production of foamed latex was installed. Thanks to the launch of production, the market for mattresses with this filler has grown significantly compared to previous years. Verbeq remains the only latex producer in Russia.

2012Installation of the newest line for the production of combined coconut mats Bi-Cocos. Verbeq has the longest experience in this material, being the first company to introduce this type of filler configuration.

2014Rebranding of the Nafta-Khim company and creation of the commercial name Verbeq ™ for the manufactured products. A high-quality product line was supplemented with an effective marketing complex, which expanded the area of ??interaction with consumers of finished products.

2017Expansion of production. The company has launched new workshops, covering the production of springs and woodworking.

2019The company continues to increase its production capacity, the turnover is 3 billion rubles.

2020During a pandemic, the company's facilities launched the production of personal protective equipment - medical gowns and masks.