Bi-Cocos ™ is an orthopedic and environmentally friendly filler that combines the best characteristics of coconut and polyester fibers.

Bi-Cocos ™ is an orthopedic and environmentally friendly filler that combines the best characteristics of coconut and polyester fibers. The filler is produced using the safe technologies of Greentherm and Airlay. Bi-Cocos ™, has the expert opinion of the Customs Union (Registration number 848-01-EZ).


Airlay is a technology for vertically stacking fibers with air currents. This technology is used in the production of Hollcon, Cocos and Bi-Cocos fillers.



Greentherm is a high temperature fiber bonding technology. The technology is used in the production of Hollcon and Bi-Cocos fillers.


Quality Management System ISO 9001

ISO 9001 quality management system. The ISO 9001 quality management system guarantees the stable quality of the produced fillers by controlling the entire production cycle from the purchase of raw materials to the shipment of the material to the client.


Expert opinion of the TS

The expert opinion of the Customs Union (the previous document was called the Sanitary and Epidemiological Conclusion) states that the materials of Hollcon, Cocos, Bi-Cocos and Latex uniform sanitary-epidemiological and hygienic requirements for goods subject to sanitary-epidemiological supervision.


EAC Declaration

The declaration of conformity of the Customs Union confirms that the products are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of TR CU 017/2011 "On the safety of products of the Customs Union"


The main purpose of the Bi-Cocos material is to create a rigid, orthopedic layer in children's and adult mattresses. The combination of polyester and coconut fibers gives the material the following unique properties:

  • breathability, which is formed through the use of the Airlay technology;
  • optimal rigidity of the material, achieved through the use of coconut fibers;
  • the quality of the material, guaranteed by long-term experience in the production of combined fillers.

Bi-Cocos 10/1000 и 30/2000 – are comfortable spreading positions used in mattresses for children and adults. Most often used in combination with various spring blocks

Bi -Cocos 60/3000 – is a carrier material used exclusively in children's mattresses. The filler is intended both for a single layer in a mattress and in combination with Hollcon and Latex materials.

Technical specifications
Material Height,
Max. size,
Bi-Cocos 10/1000 10 1000 2 × 2
Bi-Cocos 30/2000 30 2000 2 × 2
Bi-Cocos 60/3000 60 3000 2 × 2

Bi-Cocos is produced on a high-tech, German production line using Airlay and Greentherm technologies.

At the initial stage, two components - low-melting polyester fiber and coconut fleece are thoroughly loosened, mixed and fed to the carding machine, where the resulting mass is formed into a thin, evenly laid fabric. Further, the material is stacked in several layers of a certain density and enters the card drum. The web is removed from the card drum by means of air streams and goes through a mesh conveyor into a two-conveyor oven. The connection of the fibers inside the canvas is carried out using the technology of thermal bonding: under the streams of hot air, the polyester fiber melts and reliably bonds the coconut fleece. At the final stage, the thickness and specified dimensions of the filler are formed.

The production line producing Bi-Cocos filler is distinguished by a combination of several technologies, as well as versatility of technological solutions. For the consumer, these features have the following number of advantages:

• Ultra-precise calibration of the canvas height;
• Ultra-precise cutting of the canvas;;
• The height of the filler being produced is 10–60 mm;
• The density of the produced material is 500–4000 g/m2.