Cocos is a natural, durable, orthopedic filler created using Springcocos and Airlay technologies.

Cocos is a natural, durable, orthopedic filler created using the Springcocos and Airlay technologies. Cocos by Verbeq is composed of 85% coconut fiber and 15% natural latex. The use of long coconut fibers provides increased resistance to prolonged and multiple deformations. Combined canvas binding contributes to optimal rigidity and increased resilience of the finished mat.



Airlay is a technology for vertically stacking fibers with air currents. This technology is used in the production of Hollcon, Cocos and Bi-Cocos fillers.


Quality Management System ISO 9001

ISO 9001 quality management system. The ISO 9001 quality management system guarantees the stable quality of the produced fillers by controlling the entire production cycle from the purchase of raw materials to the shipment of the material to the client.


Expert opinion of the TS

The expert opinion of the Customs Union (the previous document was called the Sanitary and Epidemiological Conclusion) states that the materials of Hollcon, Cocos, Bi-Cocos and Latex uniform sanitary-epidemiological and hygienic requirements for goods subject to sanitary-epidemiological supervision.


Verbeq coconut mats are distinguished by the following set of properties and characteristics:

  • Cocos by Verbeq is manufactured using only long, refined fibers. This feature determines the resistance of the material to numerous and prolonged deformations;
  • The filler is processed exclusively with natural latex, providing distinctive indicators of rigidity and recoverability;
  • The technological complex for the production of latex coconut mats is capable of producing sheets with a height of 5 mm to 60 mm.

Verbeq coconut mats are used in mattresses for children, adults, and mattress toppers.

Material Height,
Cocos 10/100 10 100 2 × 2
Cocos 20/100 20 100 2 × 2
Cocos 30/100 30 100 2 × 2
Cocos 60/80 60 80 2 × 2

The Verbeq ™ Latex Coconut Mat production line is unique in its range of technical solutions.

The Verbeq ™ Latex Coconut Mat production line is unique in its range of technical solutions.

Coconut fiber for the production of mats comes from India - the main supplier of this raw material. Natural latex is imported from Thailand and Malaysia.

The process of releasing the finished mat begins with unweaving the coconut ropes. It is the use of coconut ropes that ensures the durability of the finished layer. The carefully loosened and combed fiber is fed to the conveyor using the Airlay technology. The formed layer is pierced by thousands of needles, ensuring a careful weaving of the fibers. At the end of the needle-punching process, the coconut mat is treated with natural latex, which achieves the optimum stiffness of the sheet. Subsequently, the thickness of the material and the final heat treatment of the filler are formed. Upon entering the storage warehouse, Cocos is checked for compliance with specifications.

Production line properties:

  • high degree of productivity - up to 500 tons per month of finished products;
  • the production line has the latest needle catcher, guaranteed the absence of foreign objects in the coconut mat;
  • additional cutting equipment allows to form sheets of exclusive sizes.