Latex by Verbeq is a natural, anatomical and durable filling used to create anatomical and comfortable mattresses.

Latex by Verbeq is a natural and durable filler used to create anatomical and comfortable mattresses. The filler is produced according to highly efficient Dunlop ™ technology. The high quality level of the Latex by Verbeq material is confirmed by the certificate of the German laboratory TUV Rheiland ™ No. 0003113150/30 AZ174087 and the expert opinion of the TS.


Dunlop is a natural latex technology. Dunlop belongs to the latest generation of foamed rubber technology.


Quality Management System ISO 9001

ISO 9001 quality management system. The ISO 9001 quality management system guarantees the stable quality of the produced fillers by controlling the entire production cycle from the purchase of raw materials to the shipment of the material to the client.


Expert opinion of the TS

The expert opinion of the Customs Union (the previous document was called the Sanitary and Epidemiological Conclusion) states that the materials of Hollcon, Cocos, Bi-Cocos and Latex uniform sanitary-epidemiological and hygienic requirements for goods subject to sanitary-epidemiological supervision.


TUV certificate

TUV Rheinland is the # 1 company providing technical and certification services worldwide. The concern traces its history back to 1872 and at the moment the company is represented in 65 countries of the world.


Latex by Verbeq™ has three applications in finished products: adult / children's mattresses and mattress toppers.

Inside the product, Latex performs the function of a comfortable and anatomical material that evenly distributes the load on the entire plane of the mattress, adjusting to every bend of the body of a lying person.  The Latex by Verbeq™ product line includes the following types of products.

The distinctive properties of the Latex by Verbeq material are expressed in the following features:

  • thanks to the use of innovative Dunlop technology and a combination of synthetic / natural latex, the level of comfort (SAG factor) of the filler is one of the highest among mattress fillers;
  • the maximum level of perforation of the material ensures constant ventilation of the filler;
  • Verbeq latex contains 20% natural and 80% synthetic latex. The material belongs to the group of natural fillers, which is confirmed by European quality standards;
  • Latex by Verbeq is tested annually at TUV Rheinland - the №1 provider of technical and certification services worldwide;
  • equipment of the Verbeq company allows to produce massage latex with 7 zones of influence.
Technical specifications
Material Height,
max size, m
Roller execution,
Latex by Verbeq 10 10 65 2 × 2 Length: 30 r.m. Width: 2
Latex by Verbeq 20 20 65 2 × 2 Length: 15 l.m. Width: 2
Latex by Verbeq 30 30 65 2 × 2 Length: 12 l.m. Width: 2
Latex by Verbeq 40 40 70 2 × 2 Length: 8 rm. Width: 2

At the first stage of production, natural latex and stabilizing components are mixed.

At the first stage of production, natural latex and stabilizing components are mixed. The resulting mixture is foamed to the optimum density using a mixer and adding compressed air. After distributing the foamed web on the conveyor belt, the material thickness is adjusted and the vulcanization process begins. At the final stage of production, the material is washed with warm water and dried. At the end of the production cycle, the side edge is cut, the material is perforated and formed into rolls or sheets.